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P2 Tempest Keep Basics (Boss rundowns, skill usage, mechanics)

Here’s the tempest keep version of the SSC rogue basics rundown I did previously. Wanted to do this sooner but didn’t have the footage unfortunately, so this is using my first week P2 raid footage. Video: Note: I forgot to include the cloak timing on Alar – if you cloak the flame buffet cast…


Which class gets T5 first? | PREPARED: Classic TBC Podcast #25

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Weakaura – engy belt/goggles + flare/ff + intervene warning

Here’s a handy weakaura I made to monitor the following in arena: – Engy belt duration/backfire (also alerts you if your target has a belt and gets a backfire) – Hypervision goggles duration – Flare/faerie fire warning (eg – so you don’t waste vanish if still flared) – Intervene warning (if your target has intervene…

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Sno’s DBM profile

Here’s my DBM profile for those who want a pretty looking DBM like mine. It’s basically add-ons skins for DBM + a few sizing/placement updates. To use this profile: 1) Install Addonskins for TBC (make sure you install the TBC version) – 2) Enable add-on skin for DBM as shown in one of the…