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Get your patreon bonuses in the discord channel!

The discord bonus guides channels are up and running and it includes the previously twitch sub only videos + any patreon only content/guides are organized neatly for you in the discord.

To get your bonus discord channel you can connect your discord account to patreon under your profile page here:

Thanks as always – got a lot of content coming up for you guys <3

PS – If you donated a set dollar amount it may not have assigned you a patreon tier to get your bonuses. You can select your tier by going to and editing your pledge to pick a tier.

You don’t have to pay/donate anything extra – patreon knows you already donated for this month, so it’s just bonus perks for free once you select your tier.

1. To select a tier go to the link above then click the “Edit” button in the summary section of the payment page.

2. Click the “Join” button for the tier you’d like to switch to.

3. Review your new tier and payment details and click the “Update” button to confirm.