The Burning Crusade for dummies.

Simple, easy-to-use TBC guides to get you from level 1 noob to rank 1 gladiator night elf mohawk.

TBC Guides by sno

WoW guides without the fluff & bs

Trying to find accurate and useful WoW guides in the ocean of inaccurate clickbait sucks. That’s why I originally started creating World of Warcraft guides for my friends and guildies.

My goal is to take the info you need and put into easier to use guides that are both more accurate and less messy than traditional WoW guides and content.

Who is Sno?

Hi! I’m Sno aka. Jedidiah Tan. I’m a partnered twitch streamer, youtuber and former pro snowboarder (it’s a long story – see here). I play rogue in <Progress> on EU and <SOLOQUE> + <Mandatory Fun> on NA.

In 2020, I created a site called Classic Roguecraft, and that site went on to become the go-to resource for rogues in classic WoW.

Fast forward to today and I’m aiming to create great guides and content for all classes as well (not just rogues this time).

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Common Questions

No. The patreon has bonus content (behind the scenes videos, bonus discord channels, Q&A content, log analysis, exclusive merch for example), but the general guides are never locked behind any paywalls.

If you wish to help support this site and content via the Patreon I do appreciate it <3

You can reach me on my socials here at twitter, instagram or youtube, but the best place to ask questions/requests guides is usually through the TBC Guides discord. The discord is checked regularly and I make sure to have a look every day to answer any questions/chat to folks.

I also livestreams regularly at – so you can ask questions live there when I’m online.

Either form of subscriber is welcome, but Patreon subs are the best way to support my content due to twitch taking a huge percentage of every sub (on the other hand, Patreon only takes a small fee) plus you get bonus perks on patreon, such as extra video content and bonus merch sent out just for subbing.

You can also support the site via the TBC Guides merch store.