Rogue P3 BIS List, Prio Guide & Cheatsheet

Video version of this guide:

I finally got around to many some tweaks and updates to my rogue pve weakauras and I added an extra weakaura for explosives tracking.

Weakaura 1: Engineer explosives CD tracker

Tracks all 3 separate CD timers for explosives/super sapper/sapper. Dynamic load based on what you have in your bags (aka. won’t display items you don’t have on you).

Weakaura 2: (updated) Rogue PvE actives tracker

Improved the free rogue pve actives tracker for patreons.


  • glowy pixel icon when expose armor is below 20 seconds
  • glowy pixel icon when deadly poison is at 5 stacks and less than 5 seconds left (to remind to shiv)
  • glowy pixel icon when T5 4 set bonus is below 5 seconds left

Weakauras available on the patreon:

Rogue P3 BIS – Quick Look

Watch the video above for better context of choices, alternative pickups and upcoming upgrades in P4.

Note: 2nd ring is sidegrade between Ring of Deceitful Intent and Band of Eternal Champion.

Seventyupgrades link:

Recommended sidegrades & prio-friendly items (vs bis)

These are a few items that I would highlight as good alternative pickups or items that will affect your prio choices.

Slayer’s Helm

  • DPS Loss: -10 to 11 dps vs. Cursed Vision of Sargeras

Cursed vision is super awesome and bis for looks too, but other classes get a bigger upgrade compared to rogues and our tier helmet is actually really good. Most rogues will be picking up this tier helm instead of cursed vision (unless your guild is super lucky with drops or you can pvp prio it somehow).

Band of Eternal Champion

  • DPS Loss: -5 to +5 (dps loss/gain varies due to proc things)

We get this ring for free after about 5 or so clears of Hyjal reputation, and it’s roughly in the same range of +dps as the rest of the rings options that aren’t the Illidan ring. We don’t know the official proc rate on the ring but assuming 1 ppm it’s a fairly good sidegrade/alternative to the Lethality/Deceitful Intent/Ranger General rings.

If you don’t get the ring from Shade, this ring is a great item to use since it’s free anyway.

Ashtongue Talisman of Lethality

  • DPS Loss/Gain vs Warp-Spring: -10 to +5 (very rotational/situation dependent, hard to sim)

Solid ‘waiting for DST/Warp-Spring’ 2nd trinket. It’s a free-ish reputation trinket, so if you’re still waiting for that 2nd trinket upgrade then this is a solid trinket to use. I’d still prefer warp-spring over this though.

Signet of Primal Wrath (P4)

  • DPS Gain: +1 to 2 dps

Good sidegrade pickup coming in P4 from Zul’Aman, but it shouldn’t affect your current ring choices this phase since all rogues still really want Illidan ring and 2nd choice rings are mostly free/low competition items.

Cloak of Fiends (P4)

  • DPS Loss: -3 to 5 dps

Solid back coming next phase from Zul’Aman, so if you miss out on the back this phase you have a solid alternative pickup next phase.

Nynjah’s Tabi Boots (P4)

  • DPS Gain: +2 to 3 dps

Great freebie pickup next phase from 60 badge of justice, so don’t feel too bad if you miss out on the boots this phase.

Top PvE rogue items to prio

Rogues are super lucky this phase in that our tier is amazing, we still have great trinkets from previous phases and both rings that we might want are basically free/low competition.

Note: This prio assumes you don’t mind waiting behind others for tier since tier drops have been doubled and it’s not generally worth using up any prio picks on something that will be free to everyone

  1. Stormrage Signet Ring – bis for rest of game and a solid 10 to 12 dps upgrade from the next best bis this phase
  2. Choker of Endless Nightmares – really nice +15ish dps upgrade plus doesn’t get replaced until P5 (alternates not prio’d to us)
  3. Insidious Bands – big +15 to 20 dps upgrade from P2 items (smaller +6 to 9 dps upgrade from alternative P3 drops though)
  4. Cursed Vision of Sargeras – still a solid +10 dps upgrade over Slayer’s Helm, but it’s ranked 4 just because of how low rogues sit on prio for these vs other classes (so maybe not worth using a prio slot on this if you have no chance on it anyway – but if guild has open prio on it then by all means go for it)
  5. Shadowmoon Destroyers Drape – solid +9 to 10 dps upgrade while able to keep until P5 (although you can pickup P4 ZA cloak for a small dps loss if you miss out on this back)
  6. Shadowmaster’s Boots – solid +10ish dps upgrade from Edgewalkers, but we have freebie badge option next phase for it’s last of the non tier pickups
  7. Tier gear (any and all tier pieces are good – shoulders are one of the best pickups but any of the tier is good and should be high droprate)

Early P3 – Shadow resist set for Mother Shahraz (+174 SR unbuffed)

The below set is not an absolute bis shadow resist set, but rather an easy to obtain/not break the bank set that gets you to the +174 shadow resist breakpoint that many guilds are asking to reach. You’re simply using your older gear and gemming it with shadow resist/enchants where possible.

All of the below shadow resist gear will be replaced with much better crafted gear as your guild picks up the required mats from p3 raids (or buys them in AH).

Note: Keep in mind rogues in particular may not even need all this shadow resist if using sprint + rocket boots (and potentially JC neck as well), but better safe than sorry.

Bonus: Murder vs. Improved Eviscerate for P3

Some might be asking the age old question of should I take murder still or dump the 2 pts into improved eviscerate talent. Well this phase it’s tough because there’s no perfect choice.

2 things to consider:

  • Only 4 bosses in all of Black Temple are humanoid and none in Hyjal (the majority of the P3 trash isn’t humanoid either)
  • Eviscerate isn’t used much on bosses outside of rare adrenaline rush-type situations

Basically if you pick murder then it only works on a handful of bosses in BT, but if you pick imp eviscerate then it only works on the rare occasions when you eviscerate.

What I’m doing: Personally it depends on how sweaty I’m feeling, but it’s likely I’ll be going Murder for Black Temple clear days because I like the murder damage on the 4 bosses, and I might swap the 2 pts to Imp Evis for Hyjal raid days since none of the bosses there are murderable.

I will say that I do notice that good rogues tend to eviscerate more often on trash mobs to reduce combo pt waste, so I’d lean towards imp eviscerate if I didn’t care about that Black Temple boss damage and wanted to only use 1 spec all the time.