Rogue P5 Prio Guide & BIS List (+Physical DPS item comparison cheatsheet)

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Rogue P5 BIS

Note: If no Jewelcrafting then swap in Clutch of Demise for necklace

SeventyUpgrades link:

Sidegrades / close-to-bis items you might want

These are items that you may look out for or swap in instead of a bis item.

This is your bis neck if you don’t have Jewecrafting.

Not bind on pickup, so anyone can buy this ring. It’s not as good as SSR + Ruinous Delight but it’s a very good placeholder if you don’t have one of the two bis rings.

Note: The p5 badge ring is a decent ‘freebie’ pickup too if you’re missing both bis rings and need a 2nd filler ring:

If you’re a non glaive rogue, you’ll want to be lookin to get this eventually. However do note that this is most likely going to go to your enhance shaman first, so there might be a wait.

Human rogues should also take note that you have another alternative in Muramasa too due to your racial:

Finally, while waiting for the fist/muramasa, I’d recommend picking up S4 PvP MH weapon if you happen to have the points/rating. It’s not as good as the fist, but it’s still a solid dps upgrade from S3 weapon:

Note: Human rogues with 100D belt shouldn’t take this item as you’ll be expertise capping yourself.

This trinket is roughly on the same dps level as a Warp Spring Coil, but it’s basically free since it comes from a dungeon. Armor pen capping is a possibility in P5, so you should pick this up while waiting for Blackened Naaru Sliver to drop, just in case you need to swap WSC out to reduce your armor pen.

I wouldn’t put getting this trinket as super high prio since you do have other decent options in WSC/BC and you might get BNS before you armor pen cap, but it’s kind of a ‘why not’ get it and not worry about armor pen cap anymore (especially since it’s a dungeon drop).

Really great pickup if you are a leatherworker. This chest isn’t much lower than BIS and you won’t need to fight everyone else over the highly contested Bladed Chaos Tunic, meaning you can prio something else you really want instead.

What should I prio first & what gives the most +DPS

I’m using this sheet here as reference (I use the lower armor boss values because the majority of bosses this phase are low armor).

Please watch the video linked at the top of this guide for a more detailed discussion on item prio vs. other classes using this spreadsheet:

Note: I’m not listing any tier pieces as a prio because it’s so common and easy to pick up eventually, BUT it should be noted that Slayer’s Boots are an insane +90 DPS over previous phase boots. If you value +dps early instead of just aiming to get full bis then Slayer’s Boots are a crazy good pickup (although honestly your guild should probably not be using prios on tier pieces and in that case it makes sense to just give the first boots over to the rogue anyway)

DPS Gains vs. 2nd best piece (sorted by high vs. medium vs low)

DPS gains in Sunwell are kind of insane, so keep in mind that ample a +40 dps gain in previous phases was gigantic, but everything in Sunwell is so good that it’s only middle of the pack.

High +dps gain:

  • Leggings of Immortal Night (+115 dps)
  • Bladed Chaos Tunic (+79 dps)

Medium +dps gain:

  • Duplicitous Guise (+41 dps vs. CVoS / +59 dps vs. T6)
  • Unforgivable Sin (+53 dps vs. Shadowmoon Drape)
  • Blackened Naaru Sliver (+40 dps vs. Shard of Contempt)
  • Golden Bow (+45 dps vs alternatives)

Low +dps gain:

  • Ruinous Ring (+15 dps vs. Khorium Band)
  • Clutch of Demise Neck (+14 dps vs endless nightmares)

Top 5 rogue items to prio

Non tier gear is insanely contested this phase, so while I can give you my ranking of prio recommendations, it doesn’t mean you’ll actually be able to get this order of prio. The most realistic scenario is being able to grab Immortal leggings early but prios after that are going to be a mess of rng.

  1. Leggings of Immortal Night (we gain by far the most dps of any dps classes here and have no close alternatives – you should have a very good argument for 1st prio here)
  2. Bladed Chaos Tunic (if you are somehow able to be high prio on this chest after taking Immortal legs as first prio, then you should absolutely do it – prio on this is going to depend on if the other classes having the right tradeskills and how much your guild values not wasting non leather drops)
  3. Unforgivable Sin (this is the most contested of the ‘medium’ level upgrades, so I’d try pick this as my first medium upgrade option, plus it’s bis for PvP as well as PvE)
  4. Duplicitous Guise (‘only’ contested by Ret/Enhance, but most rogues didn’t get CVoS last phase, meaning this is almost a 60 dps upgrade over T6)
  5. Golden Bow/BNS (rogues have a fairly good argument for being high BNS prio due to it being a much better upgrade for us vs. other classes)

Note: Rogues have a good argument for high prio on the legs, chest and BNS trinket in particular, but most guilds are unlikely to stack 3 good contested upgrades on 1 person right away. I would expect most guilds will likely want to split the first leg/chest drops between the rogue and bear tank.

EG – first immortal night legs go to the rogue, but first blade chaos tunic goes to bear tank

Good luck!

– Sno