Rogue P5 Boss Guide & Warning Weakaura

Video version of this guide:

This weakauras make it easy for you to know when to use your cloak or vanish in Sunwell and reminds you if you are missing demonslayer potion on demon bosses.

Cloak of Shadows alerts (Brutallus example below):

  • Kalecgos Wild Magic (alerts only if you have the 100% threat increase debuff or the increased miss chance debuff)
  • Brutallus Burn on you
  • Felmyst Encapsulate (alerts if you get encapsulated and need to cloak)
  • Kil’jaeden Fire Bloom on you

If you get the alert, then you should cloak. The only thing to keep in mind is I didn’t add in a Twins stack warning because it’s built into DBM already or a Kalecgos stack warning because it’s up to your raid/you when/if you need to cloak your stacks on that fight.

Twins conflag vanish warning:

This displays a conflag cast bar to show how long you have left to vanish if conflag is cast on you. Make sure you have Grand Warlock Alythess as /focus target to ensure the timer can pick it up.

Note: I do need to test this weakaura more next week to ensure bar warning always displays, so be careful with vanishing for this week

Demonslaying potion reminder (for only during boss encounters):

(note: I left Sathrovarr and Entropius reminders off by default due to them being hybrid type event – you can turn them on by going to the weakaura, selecting Sathrovarr or Entropius > load > uncheck the ‘never’ box)

Weakaura links:

Sunwell Bosses:

Note: This fight is NOT counted towards your parse or all stars. It’s been removed due to people being too far away for accurate tracking during portal phases

Rogue cliff notes:

  1. Expose on Kalecgos is probably not worth for most due to portals interrupting buff uptime (sunder is easier to keep up if you have multiple warriors who can refresh the debuff)
  2. Save first set of CDs for inside portal room as the demon typically needs to be DPS’d harder (otherwise you might end up spending more time waiting above at Kalecgos holding DPS)
  3. Putting up an initial 5 pt expose armor on Sathrovarr is worth if you are porting down with full melee team
  4. Swap to demonslaying potion on Sathrovarr if you want to really min/max (but don’t forget to reapply your agi/flask when you leave the portal room)

Cloak of Shadows tips:

  1. If you get the wild magic debuff that increases threat by 100% or makes you miss more, you should cloak that, but you don’t need to cloak the other versions of the debuff (the patreon weakaura will also warn you if you have that debuff, but if you don’t have it then watch for the red or gray wild magic icon)
  2. You can cloak off the arcane buffet whenever you feel in danger or if you want to reset your stacks however if your group is going into the portal early you should save your cloak in case you get hit by a bad wild magic debuff

Rogue cliff notes:

  1. Burn range is 4 yards, so do /range 5 to be safe (if tanked well you shouldn’t have to move once melee are setup and spaced) – there’s no tail whip so you have a ton of area you can spread out and be set for rest of the fight once you’re setup)
  2. Use demonslaying potion for this boss (it only lasts 5 mins so you may have to reapply the potion towards the end of the fight as well)
  3. Use Cloak of Shadows if you get hit by the burn debuff (patreon weakaura above will warn you here if you miss it)
  4. Slower guilds will get 2 usages of Adrenaline Rush, so if your kill time is above 5 mins then try to use your adrenaline rush asap (right after your first SnD is my recommendation) to get it back up in time for 2nd usage

Vanish tip:

You can survive a wipe if you run away and vanish late without Brutallus facing you/being near you.

Rogue cliff notes:

  1. Felmyst is not a real dragon, so you won’t be hit by tailwhip
  2. Save Cloak of Shadows for if you get picked by the encapsulate debuff – it’s fine to cloak AFTER you get hit by the encapsulate, the patreon weakaura will also warn you here if you get hit by it
  3. Gas nova is cloakable, but you should save your cloak for encapsulate and let dispellers worry about the gas nova
  4. FYI – Felmyst adds do not count towards your parse, but if you want to help out the most then you can use grenades and/or cleave on the adds

Rogue cliff notes:

  1. Vanish doesn’t always reset your threat on this fight, so don’t rely on it to reset (we don’t know why – it seems to work maybe a third of the time and fail to reset threat the other times)
  2. Conflag is vanishable and it will *usually* interrupt the cast when you vanish + twins will not recast the conflag BUT it sometimes doesn’t stop the cast and will continue casting after you vanish (if it continues casting it will not do damage to you/apply to you BUT it will apply to everyone else around you – so you’ll need to run out still)
  3. FYI – Blade flurry is fun but it doesn’t actually do much to help since the twins heal when one dies
  4. You can use PvP trinket for extra safety on this fight (if you somehow get picked twice for conflag or if you’re worried that you get stunned and can’t vanish conflag), although it shouldn’t be necessary for a rogue generally (due to being able to vanish conflag)

If you are using the patreon weakaura, you should get the bar shown below if you get targeted by conflag (don’t forget to do /focus on the other twin before the fight starts) – please let me know if the weakaura doesn’t work or bugs out so I can check it:

Rogue cliff notes:

  1. Hit muru > kill humanoid adds > hit muru, rinse repeat until entropius spawns, then nuke down entropius is the gameplan. If you are swapping to the adds a lot on this fight, don’t expose armor and let warriors sunder instead
  2. Use initial engages on Muru (start and after darkness if all adds dead) to build up SnD, then cleave adds with full CDs when you see a good opportunity for full Blade Flurry CD usage
  3. You might be tasked with kicking mages, if so then save kick for mages and drag them into the add pile
  4. If you want to really push your parse – use demonslaying potion on Entropius phase
  5. Let the tank build up threat for a second before you swap to the adds

I HIGHLY recommend a threat on nameplates weakaura for this fight to make sure you don’t accidentally kill yourself on low threat adds. I use this one by Redtuzk:

Rogue cliff notes:

  1. Depending on guild strategy you may be swapping to the reflection adds, if so then save CDs and flurry for the adds
  2. Save Cloak of Shadows, you can cloak if you get hit by the Fire Bloom debuff (again – the patreon weakaura will remind you to cloak as well)