Sno’s TBC Rogue UI Guide & Add-Ons

Here’s my clean, simple rogue UI. My UI is based on showing only the information I need and nothing you don’t. I still use hotkey bars, but they are kept on mouseover/hidden and replaced by weakauras for the CDs that you actually need to monitor.

Watch the video below if you want a complete overview and rundown of how to get my entire UI up and running:

If you’re updating from my old UI to this one, the goal is for it to be better for arena/pvp by changing bars into icons and having a usable pvp HUD area to track CDs more quickly vs. having to look elsewhere on the screen.

Note: If you’re just after my HUD energy ticker/combo points/rogue buff tracker skip down to the rogue weakauras section and you can grab just my weakauras there.

ps – is great for managing/updating add-ons once you have a bunch of them. Just be aware versions may take a bit to update right now due to pre-patch insanity.

Base UI + Essential Bits

These are the basic unit frames and add-ons that I use to build the rest of my UI.

Redtuzk UI is one of the most popular skins built on the ElvUI platform and it’s what I use myself. It’s simple, clean and it’s kept updated. Redtuzk himself is also fairly active inside our discord if you want to say hi or ask a question and he has his own discord with support staff for helping to answer questions as well.

You’ll need BOTH Redtuzk UI and ElvUI installed to get this up and running. I’ve included my profile for easier installation if you want to just set up your UI exactly like mine (watch video to see you install it)

Note: RedtuzkUI disables stealth bar 1 changing, if you want to restore this to normal you need to reset action paging on bar 1 in elvui settings (see the video timestamp for RedtuzkUI if you wish to do so).

Download links:

Weakauras let’s you easily import or build cool mini add-ons inside WoW. Almost all my HUD notifications and rogue mods are built using the Weakauras 2 add-on.

You’ll want to get this if you want to import all of my rogue UI mods.

Download link:

  • Weakauras (make sure you download Burning Crusade version)

Just a clean, great damage meters add-on that everyone in WoW already uses. You should grab it if you don’t already have this.

Download link:

My details profile in case you want just the details look without the rest of the UI: (make sure you import as profile and not skin)

A popular threat meters add-on that I use. You can also use the one built into details (tiny threat) if you prefer, but I personally find threatclassic2 easier to setup the way I like it to behave.

Download link:

Default nameplates suck. Plater is much better and Redtuzk UI comes with a plater skin when you install it.

Download link:

Sno’s plater profile (in case you just want the plater look without Redtuzk UI):

You don’t have to get this add-on but in my opinion it makes your damage in/out and healing in/out way easier to monitor. It basically separates your incoming and outgoing combat events into a more clean/easy to monitor breakdown.

I HIGHLY recommend you watch my video above to set up your filters the same as mine, otherwise it can spam you with way too much information that you don’t need.

Download link (grab the retail version – it works fine for TBC):

Goes without saying, almost everyone uses this for raid warnings. You should probably get this or you raid lead might yell at you.

Download link:

Rogue Weakauras & UI

If you’re just after my basic rogue HUD setup minus the rest of the UI (energy bar + combo pts + rogue CD uptime tracker) here is where you’ll find it.

You need the weakauras add-on listed above to import the following auras. Watch the video at the top if you don’t know how to import a weakaura and want a quick rundown.

A simple circular combo point tracker with a ring around the outside that shows when you are waiting on your 1 second global cooldown.

Download link:

note: I’m not the original creator of this weakaura, rather I tweaked some settings and colors from an existing weakaura made by Johadan.

Simple energy bar with an added ticker to show your current energy tick cycle. This is more accurate than nugenergy and similar energy tickers because it doesn’t get confused by energy procs from gear/talents.

Big thank you to Yam from rogue discord for the energy ticker code I used here.

Download link:

Shows your current active rogue buffs in a simple box + countdown. Slice and dice is purposely highlighted with a yellow glow to make it stand out when using multiple CDs at once.

Currently tracks:

  • Adrenaline rush
  • Blade Flurry
  • Slice and Dice
  • Expose Armor
  • Rupture
  • LW haste drum buff
  • Haste potion buff
  • Crusader/mongoose procs
  • Vanish improved stealth buff
  • Sprint
  • Evasion
  • Free action potion
  • Racial actives
  • Active trinket buffs (fyi – I update the aura regularly for new active trinkets as they become popular)

Download link:

Shows your current short term cooldowns on frequently used abilities such as Kidney Shot or Kick.

Currently tracks:

  • Mobs distracted timer
  • Kick CD
  • Kidney Shot CD
  • Re-stealth CD
  • Ghostly Strike CD
  • Recently Bandaged CD

Download link:

Shows your current cc and debuffs on enemy players in a growing vertical column for easy pvp monitoring.

Currently tracks the following:

Download link:

Displays your current rogue pvp abilities and their cooldowns. Fades when on CD and highlights for 10 seconds when cooldown is finishing.

There’s also a combat indicator to show when you’re in combat still (ps – if you want the circle graphic instead of square check further down for my circle icon instructions).

Download Link:

This adds a simple stat calculator in your player window to show useful info such as hit, expertise, crit and other rogue dps stats. Crit cap is no longer included in recent updates due to lack of crit cap issues in TBC onwards.

Download link:

Great poison buying add-on that let’s you set how many of each poison/flash powder you want to buy. One click to buy, one click to create/combine.

Download link:

Let’s you set up easy one click poison applications. It also has a handy customizable mh/oh reminder if you have no poisons applied to your weapons.

Download link:

Not really only rogue related, but very useful and calculates how long the mob has until death based on current dps of the raid. Very rough number but a very handy weakaura to help you nail your rotation timing.

Download link:

This is designed to replace needing a hotkey bar visible for any PvE related cooldowns. It becomes grey/see through when on CD, then glows when off CD to remind you to use your dps CD.

Currently tracks your cd on active trinket, BF, AR, Tea, LW drums and Haste Potions. By default it’s also set to not load if you enter a battleground/arena (you can change this in load settings, but I figured no one would want to see those pve reminders in arena).

Download links + setup instructions on patreon:

PvP Add-Ons

Here are some highly recommended PvP add-ons that I’m using right now.

Does exactly what the name says – tracks diminishing returns on enemies. Very useful for PvP.

Download link:

Tracks enemy cooldowns in a handy to use bar which you can move anywhere. Includes trinkets and racials – so it’s basically omnibar but better.

Download link:

Very popular arena target frames.

Download link:

General Add-Ons

These are add-ons that aren’t really rogue specific, but very handy regardless!

Let’s you easily change itemsets via macros and also swap between gear/trinkets with mouseover clicks.

Download link:

Adds lots of handy features to the game such as quicker auto loot, disable death screen grey color, auto dismount to use abilities and more!

Download link:

Reveals the entire map and let’s you customize and move/resize it a lot better.

Download link:

If you’re insane like me and need your UI perfectly aligned, this adds an /align command to bring up a grid that lets you position your UI better.

Download link:

This let’s you skin your bars/weakauras and other things to look pretty. It’s how I skin some of my auras/bars to look like circles and why my general weakauras have clean icons vs. the ugly default look.

Download link:

Let’s you easily save and import macro and hotkey settings between characters. A lifesaver for setting up new characters.

Download link (download retail version):

Makes some of your other windows prettier to match ElvUi. Also has a neat DBM skin that looks pretty.

Download link:

Everyones favourite quest helper add-on. Does anyone not use this?

Download link:

My favourite bag add-on. It takes a little setup but once it’s setup then everything is sorted into a handy section. The only downside of adibags is unlike bagnon it won’t show alts bags – so keep that in mind when deciding between agibags vs. bagnon.


This does the same thing as itemrack, except it has an option to keep trinket window open 24/7. I sometimes prefer trinketmenu because of this option to see the CDs on all my trinkets.

Download link (fixed tbc version): (hover green code button > download zip, then rename folder to ‘TrinketMenu’ after unzipping to interface)

This is a fancy experience bar that shows time per session, time to level and more! I recommend you change the scaling to be smaller because the bar is also gigantic by default.

Import Link:

Broken add-ons (but hopefully fixed soon)

These are add-ons I’m using that are buggy and I’m waiting for TBC versions to come out.

Let’s you move your windows around as well as a lot of handy features like autolooting (kind of similar to Leatrix Plus)

Download link – still waiting for table tbc version.

Displays the current longest/strongest CC on you. Makes it really easy to see what is ccing you.

Download link – waiting for tbc version

Shows a list of enemies to target easily in your BG.

Waiting for TBC working version.