Guild Loot Prio Cheatsheet – P3 Black Temple & Mount Hyjal (All Classes)

Why use this loot prio guide

Problem 1: General class prio loot lists are often the work of players or content creators who only know about the classes they play. This leads to them making prio lists filled with clickbait and/or misinformation for views, which ends up with bad decisions by guilds following those guides.

Problem 2: Loot prio guides lack context. Prio that works for one hardcore guild, may not work for a different semi-hardcore/casual guild. Depending on raid comp or situation you may end up with some classes having very different prios.

Our group aims to solve these issues by having open discussion between various class reps and also providing context to trickier prio decisions.

Who made this guide

This guide was created by a group of known class leads/knowledgeable class discord representatives who wanted to create an unbiased, neutral loot prio list that makes sensible decisions that benefit everyone, not just biased towards 1-2 classes. Our hope is that this list will reduce the spread of misinformation and give guilds a good starting point for their own loot prio decisions.

Have questions about the loot prio sheet/decisions? Come join the discord:

Current members:

  • Shaman – Deance, Egregious, Mantipper, Beagle, Lologarithm, NIJannon
  • Warrior – Emrus, Babyhoof, Beanna, Juggs
  • Warlock – Louki, Ryusei
  • Rogue – Sno, Wherefore
  • Mage – Twizzles
  • Druid – Jvmes, NerdEgghead, Ceridwyn, Frankensteak, Juff
  • Priest – Linelo
  • Paladin – Surveillant
  • Hunter – Veramos

Physical dps item comparisons

These are some handy dps comparisons for cursed vision, stormrage signet ring and madness trinket based on who gains the most dps vs. their 2nd bis item.

You can check out the sheet for this here:

Guild P3 Loot Prio Recommendations

Note: This prio list is always being added to and updated based on feedback from the various class leads, please feel free to discuss prio changes/suggestion in the discord:

Last update made as of Jan 26th.

Item NameSourceBossPrio 1Prio 2Prio 3Prio 4Prio 5Prio 6Prio 7Prio 8Context notesItem stats
Blessed Band of KaraborBlack TempleTrashResto Dru (if non LW/Tailor)Resto Sha, Holy PriResto DruHoly PalLeatherworking and tailoring have bop haste shoulders which are a good alternative to this ring for reaching 5gcd haste level.blessedband
Cuffs of DevastationMount HyjalRage WinterchillArcaneBalanceElecuffsofdev
Bracers of MartyrdomMount HyjalRage WinterchillMS > OSnon bis itembracersofmar
Deadly CuffsMount HyjalRage WinterchillDPS WarriorEnhdeadlycuffs
Rejuvenating BracersMount HyjalRage WinterchillResto Drurejuv
Bracers of the PathfinderMount HyjalRage WinterchillMS > OSnon bis itembracersofthepath
Howling Wind BracersMount HyjalRage WinterchillMS > OSnon bis itemhowlingwindbracers
Stillwater BootsMount HyjalRage WinterchillMS > OSnon bis itemstillwater
Blood-Stained PauldronsMount HyjalRage WinterchillMS > OSnon bis itembloodstainedpaul
Blessed Adamantite BracersMount HyjalRage WinterchillHoly Paladamantitebracers
Furious ShacklesMount HyjalRage WinterchillMS > OSnon bis itemfuriousshackles
Tracker's BladeMount HyjalRage WinterchillMS > OSnon bis itemtrackersblade
Chronicle of Dark SecretsMount HyjalRage WinterchillArcane, DestroBalance, EleShadowGive it to whoever is waiting on ToC/OH firstdarksecrets
Hatefury MantleMount HyjalAnetheronMS > OSnon bis itemhatefurymantle
Anetheron's NooseMount HyjalAnetheronArcaneBalanceDestroLocks can use Belt of Blasting until near bis when they want to drop hit. Locks start having hit overcap issues when they get4pc T6.anetheronsnoose
Archbishop's SlippersMount HyjalAnetheronMS > OSnon bis itemarchslippers
Don Alejandro's Money BeltMount HyjalAnetheronSurvivalBMFeralRogueRogue pvp bis-ish belt (prio after pve context)moneybelt
Enchanted Leather SandalsMount HyjalAnetheronMS > OSnon bis itemenchantedleathersan
Golden Links of RestorationMount HyjalAnetheronMS > OSnon bis itemgoldenlinks
Quickstrider MoccasinsMount HyjalAnetheronMS > OSnon bis itemmoccasins
Glimmering Steel MantleMount HyjalAnetheronMS > OSnon bis itemsteelmantle
The Unbreakable WillMount HyjalAnetheronMS > OSnon bis itemunbreakable
Blade of InfamyMount HyjalAnetheronSurvivalBMRogueDPS WarriorCan prio higher to sword melee users who are still missing Talon of Azshara. For hunter prio you could also alternate surv > bm > surv.infamy
Pillar of FerocityMount HyjalAnetheronBearCatpillarofferocity
Bastion of LightMount HyjalAnetheronResto ShaHoly Palbastionoflight
Angelista's SashMount HyjalKaz'rogalHoly PriResto Druangelistas
Leggings of Channeled ElementsMount HyjalKaz'rogalShadowEleBalancechanneledelkements
Blue Suede ShoesMount HyjalKaz'rogalMS > OSnon bis itembluesuede
Razorfury MantleMount HyjalKaz'rogalMS > OSnon bis itemrazorfurymantle
Belt of the Crescent MoonMount HyjalKaz'rogalBalanceElecrescentmoon
Black Featherlight BootsMount HyjalKaz'rogalMS > OSnon bis itemblack featherlight
Beast-Tamer's ShouldersMount HyjalKaz'rogalMS > OSnon bis itembeasttamers
Valestalker GirdleMount HyjalKaz'rogalMS > OSnon bis itemvalestalker
Sun-Touched Chain LeggingsMount HyjalKaz'rogalResto Sha, Holy Palchainleggings
Belt of Seething FuryMount HyjalKaz'rogalMS > OSnon bis itemseethingfury
Hammer of AtonementMount HyjalKaz'rogalHoly PalResto ShaHoly PriResto Druatonement
Kaz'rogal's Hardened HeartMount HyjalKaz'rogalProt Warriorhardenedheart
Don Rodrigo's PonchoMount HyjalAzgalorMS > OSnon bis itemponcho
Shady Dealer's PantaloonMount HyjalAzgalorMS > OSnon bis itemshadydealers
Bow-Stitched LeggingsMount HyjalAzgalorSurvivalRet, EnhBMbowstitched
Glory of the DefenderMount HyjalAzgalorMS > OSgloryofthedefender
Girdle of HopeMount HyjalAzgalorHoly Palhope
Boundless AgonyMount HyjalAzgalorBMagony
Gloves of the Forgotten ConquerorMount HyjalAzgalorProtDestroShadowHoly Pri
Gloves of the Forgotten ProtectorMount HyjalAzgalorBMSurvivalEleArms (4 piece)RestoFury (4 piece)Kebab (4 piece)
Gloves of the Forgotten VanquisherMount HyjalAzgalorBearRogueCatBalance
Robes of RhoninMount HyjalArchimondeMS > OSnon bis itemrobesofrhonin
Leggings of EternityMount HyjalArchimondeHoly PriResto Drueternity
Midnight ChestguardMount HyjalArchimondeRetEnhRogueDPS Warriormidnightchest
Mail of Fevered PursuitMount HyjalArchimondeMS > OSfeveredpursuit
Savior's GraspMount HyjalArchimondeMS > OSnon bis itemgrasp
Legguards of Endless RageMount HyjalArchimondeMS > OSendlessrage
Scepter of PurificationMount HyjalArchimondeHoly Pri, Resto DruSlightly better for priest but will 100% take book in swp. Might be tbc bis for druid b/c of how many other haste options there are in swp.purification
Tempest of ChaosMount HyjalArchimondeProtArcane, Destrochaos
Cataclysm's EdgeMount HyjalArchimondeArmsRetcatedge
Apostle of ArgusMount HyjalArchimondeResto DruHolyResto Shaargus
Antonida's Aegis of Rapt ConcentrationMount HyjalArchimondeEleProtraptconcen
Bristleblitz StrikerMount HyjalArchimondeBMSurvivalstriker
Helm of the Forgotten ConquerorMount HyjalArchimondeProtDestroShadowHoly PalHoly Pri
Helm of the Forgotten ProtectorMount HyjalArchimondeSurvivalArms (4 piece)EleResto ShaBM (4 piece), Fury (4 piece)Kebab (4 piece)
Helm of the Forgotten VanquisherMount HyjalArchimondeBearRogueCatBalanceResto Dru
Nethervoid CloakMount HyjalTrashShadowDestrocloaknether
Pepe's Shroud of PacificationMount HyjalTrashProt WarriorProtpepe's
Boots of the Divine LightMount HyjalTrashHoly Pri, Resto Dru (if missing Orca)Resto DruResto ShaBig upgrade for resto druid if orcas never droppeddivinelight2
Chestguard of Relentless StormsMount HyjalTrashMS > OSnon bis itemrelentlesstorms
Choker of the Serrated BladesMount HyjalTrashBMDPS WarriorEnhCat, Roguechokerofserrated
Hellfire-Encased PendantMount HyjalTrashMS > OShellfireencased
Hammer of JudgementMount HyjalTrashProtBalanceShadow, ElePotentially Balance over Shadow since they can actually use the hit somewhat.hammerofjudgement
Claw of Molten FuryMount HyjalTrashMS > OSmoltenfury
Fist of Molten FuryMount HyjalTrashMS > OSfistofmoltenfury
Dawnsteel BracersCraftedMS > OSnon bis itemdawnsteelbracers
Dawnsteel ShouldersCraftedMS > OSdawnsteelshoul
Swiftsteel BracersCraftedMS > OSswiftsteelbracers
Swiftsteel ShouldersCraftedMS > OSswiftsteelshould
Bindings of Lightning ReflexesCraftedRetEnhHunterDPS Warriorlightningreflex
Bracers of Renewed LifeCraftedResto Drurenewedlife
Living Earth BindingsCraftedResto Shalivingearthbindings
Living Earth ShouldersCraftedMS > OSlivingearthshould
Shoulders of Lightning ReflexesCraftedMS > OSlightningreflex2
Shoulderpads of Renewed LifeCraftedResto DruMS > OSrenewedlife2
Swiftstrike BracersCraftedMS > OSswiftstrikebracers
Swiftstrike ShouldersCraftedEnhRetHunterDPS Warriorswiftstrikeshould
Bracers of Nimble ThoughtCraftedShadowDestro, Ele, BalanceArcanenimblethought
Mantle of Nimble ThoughtCraftedMS > OSmantleofnimble
Swiftheal MantleCraftedResto Druswifthealmantle
Swiftheal WrapsCraftedResto DruHoly PriCloth vs. leather doesn't matter, just depends on what crafting profs are available sooner. Crafted haste shoulder/wrist are critical pieces for resto druid 5 GCD setup.wrapsswift
Slippers of the SeacallerBlack TempleHigh Warlord Naj'entusArcaneDestroShadowEle, BalancePotentially Mage > Lock purely because mages benefit slightly more, are less likely to need hit from Blasting and are prio'd on less pieces of gear total. Mage > Lock potentially until lock has 4pc T6 (or ToC/OH) then Mage = Lock after.seacaller
Guise of the Tidal LurkerBlack TempleHigh Warlord Naj'entusMS > OStidallurker
Mantle of DarknessBlack TempleHigh Warlord Naj'entusMS > OSdarkness
Helm of Soothing CurrentsBlack TempleHigh Warlord Naj'entusMS > OShelmofsoothing
Fist of MukoaBlack TempleHigh Warlord Naj'entusEnhMS > OSfistofmukoa
Boots of Oceanic FuryBlack TempleHigh Warlord Naj'entusMS > OSoceanicfury
Eternium Shell BracersBlack TempleHigh Warlord Naj'entusMS > OSeterniumshell
Pearl Inlaid BootsBlack TempleHigh Warlord Naj'entusHoly Palpearlinlaid
Tide-Stomper's GreavesBlack TempleHigh Warlord Naj'entusProttidestompers
Ring of Calming WavesBlack TempleHigh Warlord Naj'entusHoly PalMS > OSringofcalming
Ring of Captured StormsBlack TempleHigh Warlord Naj'entusMS > OScapturedstorms
The Maelstrom's FuryBlack TempleHigh Warlord Naj'entusEle, ShadowBalancePossibly balance lower prio because they are more likely to use the hit from Hammer of Judgement due to less hit from talent tree. Ele have a tailor made OH in archi shield. Priest only lose 16 dps single target compared to ZD, which is the same ballpark as what sword users lose by using ToC.maelstroms
Rising TideBlack TempleHigh Warlord Naj'entusHunterrisingtide
Halberd of DesolationBlack TempleHigh Warlord Naj'entusHunterhalberdofdeso
Waistwrap of InfinityBlack TempleSupremusShadowDestroArcane, BalanceEleinfinity
Nether Shadow TunicBlack TempleSupremusMS > OSnon bis itemshadowtunic
Bands of the Coming StormBlack TempleSupremusMS > OSnon bis itemcomingstorm
Wraps of Precise FlightBlack TempleSupremusMS > OSnon bis itempreciseflight
Naturalist's Preserving CinchBlack TempleSupremusResto ShaHoly Palnaturalist
Pauldrons of Abyssal FuryBlack TempleSupremusMS > OSabyssalfury
Choker of Endless NightmaresBlack TempleSupremusDPS WarriorEnh, RogueBM, RetRogue/Enh will swap out neck to use JC neck on CDchokerofend
Band of the Abyssal LordBlack TempleSupremusProt Warriorbandoftheabyssallord
Idol of the White StagBlack TempleSupremusMS > OSwhitestag
The BrutalizerBlack TempleSupremusProt Warriorbrutalizer
Syphon of the NathrezimBlack TempleSupremusEnhDPS WarriorRoguesyphonof
Felstone BulwarkBlack TempleSupremusHoly PalResto Shafelstonebulwark
LegionkillerBlack TempleSupremusHunterProt Warriorlegionkiller
Amice of Brilliant LightBlack TempleShade of AkamaMS > OSNon bis itemamice
Focused Mana BindingsBlack TempleShade of AkamaMS > OSNon bis itemfocusedmanabindings
Wristbands of Divine InfluenceBlack TempleShade of AkamaHoly PriResto Druwristbandsofdivineinfluence
Shadow-walker's CordBlack TempleShade of AkamaMS > OSNon bis itemshadowwalkers
Kilt of Immortal NatureBlack TempleShade of AkamaResto DruResto Sha, Holy Palkiltof
Shoulders of the Hidden PredatorBlack TempleShade of AkamaMS > OSNon bis itemshouldersofthehidden
Spiritwalker GauntletsBlack TempleShade of AkamaResto ShaHoly Palspiritwalkergauntlets
Flashfire GirdleBlack TempleShade of AkamaEleflashfiregirdle
The Seeker's WristguardsBlack TempleShade of AkamaProttheseekerswristguards
Grips of Silent JusticeBlack TempleShade of AkamaFuryArmsgripsofsilentjustice
Praetorian's LegguardsBlack TempleShade of AkamaProt Warriorpraetoriansleg
Myrmidon's TreadsBlack TempleShade of AkamaProt Warriormyrmidonstreads
Ring of Deceitful IntentBlack TempleShade of AkamaBearBMRogueEnh, Survivalringofdeceitfulintent
Blind-Seers IconBlack TempleShade of AkamaMS > OSNon bis itemblindseersicon
Shroud of ForgivenessBlack TempleGurtogg BloodboilNon-SunshowerResto Drushroudofforgiveness
Blood-cursed ShoulderpadsBlack TempleGurtogg BloodboilMS > OSbloodcursedshoulderpads
Garments of TemperanceBlack TempleGurtogg BloodboilMS > OSgarmentsoftemperance
Belt of Primal MajestyBlack TempleGurtogg BloodboilResto DruResto ShaHoly Palbeltofprimalmajesty
Vest of Mounting AssaultBlack TempleGurtogg BloodboilMS > OSvestofmountingassault
Girdle of Mighty ResolveBlack TempleGurtogg BloodboilProtgirdleofmightyresolve
Girdle of StabilityBlack TempleGurtogg BloodboilProt Warriorgirdleofstability
Leggings of Divine RetributionBlack TempleGurtogg BloodboilDPS WarriorRetleggingsofdivineret
Unstoppable Aggressor's RingBlack TempleGurtogg BloodboilDPS WarriorRet, Enhunstoppableaggressorsring
Shadowmoon InsigniaBlack TempleGurtogg BloodboilBear, Prot Warrior, ProtGood for all tanks - prio to tanks who actually need and will use it well firstshadowmooninsignia
Messenger of FateBlack TempleGurtogg BloodboilMS > OSmessengeroffate
Staff of Immaculate RecoveryBlack TempleGurtogg BloodboilMS > OSstaffofimmaculaterecovery
Wand of Prismatic FocusBlack TempleGurtogg BloodboilShadowDestroArcanewandofpris
Gloves of Unfailing FaithBlack TempleReliquary of the LostMS > OSNon bis itemglovesofunfailing
Elunite Empowered BracersBlack TempleReliquary of the LostBalanceeluniteempow
Grips of DamnationBlack TempleReliquary of the LostEnhMS > OSgripsofdamnation
Naturewarden's TreadsBlack TempleReliquary of the LostBalance, Elenaturewardenstreads
The Wavemender's MantleBlack TempleReliquary of the LostMS > OSNon bis itemthewavermendersmantle
Boneweave GirdleBlack TempleReliquary of the LostHunterEnhRetDPS Warriorboneweavegirdle
Crown of Empowered FateBlack TempleReliquary of the LostMS > OSNon bis itemcrownofempoweredfate
Dreadboots of the LegionBlack TempleReliquary of the LostDPS WarriorRetdreadbootsofthelegion
Translucent Spellthread NecklaceBlack TempleReliquary of the LostDestroArcane, Shadowtranslucentspellthreadnecklace
Pendant of TitansBlack TempleReliquary of the LostProt WarriorBearpendantoftitans
Touch of InspirationBlack TempleReliquary of the LostHoly Pri, Resto Drutouchofsinpiration
Torch of the DamnedBlack TempleReliquary of the LostRetDPS Warriortorchofthedamned
Naaru-Blessed Life RodBlack TempleReliquary of the LostHoly Prinaarublessedliferod
Shadowmoon Destroyer's DrapeBlack TempleTeron GorefiendDPS Warrior, Rogue, Enh, BMshadowmoondest
Cowl of BenevolenceBlack TempleTeron GorefiendHoly PriResto Drucowlofbene
Robe of the Shadow CouncilBlack TempleTeron GorefiendMS > OSrobeoftheshadowcouncil
Insidious BandsBlack TempleTeron GorefiendSurvival, BMRogueEnhDPS Warriorinsidiousbands
Botanist's Gloves of GrowthBlack TempleTeron GorefiendResto DruResto ShaHoly Palbotanistgloves
Softstep Boots of TrackingBlack TempleTeron GorefiendEnhBMRetDPS Warriorsoftstepboots
Gauntlets of EnforcementBlack TempleTeron GorefiendProt Warriorgauntletsofenforcement
Girdle of Lordaeron's FallenBlack TempleTeron GorefiendHoly Palgirdleoflord
Totem of Ancestral GuidanceBlack TempleTeron GorefiendEletotemofancestralguidance
Soul CleaverBlack TempleTeron GorefiendMS > OSsoulcleaver
Twisted Blade of ZarakBlack TempleTeron GorefiendDPS WarriorRoguetwistedblades
Rifle of the Stoic GuardianBlack TempleTeron GorefiendProt Warriorrifleofthestoic
Leggings of DevastationBlack TempleMother ShahrazMS > OSleggingsofdev
Shadowmaster's BootsBlack TempleMother ShahrazSurvivalRetBM, Enh, Rogue, Catshadowmastersbootss
Heartshatter BreastplateBlack TempleMother ShahrazMS > OSheartshatterbreastplate
Nadina's Pendant of PurityBlack TempleMother ShahrazHoly PalResto ShaHoly PriResto Drunadinaspendantofpurity
Tome of the LightbringerBlack TempleMother ShahrazProttomeofthelightbringer
Blade of SavageryBlack TempleMother ShahrazRogueProt WarriorDPS Warriorbladeofsavagery
Pauldrons of the Forgotten ConquerorBlack TempleMother ShahrazProtDestroShadowHoly PriHoly PriRetpauldronsofconquer
Pauldrons of the Forgotten ProtectorBlack TempleMother ShahrazFuryBMSurvivalArmsEleResto ShaProt WarriorProt warriors take dps shoulderspauldronsofforgottenprot
Pauldrons of the Forgotten VanquisherBlack TempleMother ShahrazBearRogueCatBalanceResto DruMageforgottenvanquisher
Cloak of the Illidari CouncilBlack TempleThe Illidari CouncilDestro, Arcane, Ele, BalanceShadowcloakoftheillidaricouncil
Belt of Divine GuidanceBlack TempleThe Illidari CouncilHoly Pri, Resto Drudivineguidance
Veil of Turning LeavesBlack TempleThe Illidari CouncilMS > OSveilofturningleaves
Forest Prowler's HelmBlack TempleThe Illidari CouncilBM, RetEnhRet/Ench second bis, HIGHLY advise BM's to get S3 helm for gearing options while waiting for CVoSforestprowler
Helm of the Illidari ShattererBlack TempleThe Illidari CouncilFuryArmsRethelmoftheillidarishatterer
Madness of the BetrayerBlack TempleThe Illidari CouncilFuryArmsSurvivalBMEnhCatmadnessof
Leggings of the Forgotten ConquerorBlack TempleThe Illidari CouncilProtDestroHoly PalShadowHoly PriRetleggingsoftheconqueror
Leggings of the Forgotten ProtectorBlack TempleThe Illidari CouncilBMProt WarriorResto ShaEleProt wars take tanking version of pantsleggingsoftheforgottenprot
Leggings of the Forgotten VanquisherBlack TempleThe Illidari CouncilBearRogueArcaneCatResto Druleggingsoftheforgottenvanquisher
Shroud of the Highborne (dps)Black TempleIllidan StormrageArcane, DestroEleBalanceBesides mages and lock no DPS class should have a vested interest in this cloak, Illidari is same or better in ST and no class besides Arcane/Lock has spammable AoE.shroudofthehighborne
Shroud of the Highborne (healer)Black TempleIllidan StormrageHoly Pri, Resto ShaResto DruHoly Palshroudofthehighborne
Cowl of the Illidari High LordBlack TempleIllidan StormrageBalanceLock, Ele, MageOnly real reason you'd consider a lock there is if they don't have vash chest and you want to give channeled elements to other people for some reason. Also T6 head can be game bis for locks.cowloftheillidari
Cursed Vision of Sargeras (speedrun)Black TempleIllidan StormrageEnh, FuryBM, KebabRetRogue, ArmsAssuming 2H Arms is going 4 piece T6cursedvision2
Cursed Vision of Sargeras (average guild)Black TempleIllidan StormrageEnh, BM, RetFuryKebabRogueArmsAssuming 2H Arms is going 4 piece T6cursedvision2
Faceplate of the ImpenetrableBlack TempleIllidan StormrageProt WarriorProtfaceplateof
Stormrage Signet Ring (speedrun)Black TempleIllidan StormrageFuryArmsEnh, BM, Roguesignetring
Stormrage Signet Ring (average guild)Black TempleIllidan StormrageRogueEnhBM, Fury, Armssignetring
The Skull of Gul'danBlack TempleIllidan StormrageDestroArcane, BalanceEleShadowskullofguldan
Memento of TyrandeBlack TempleIllidan StormrageResto ShaHoly PalHoly Pri, Resto DruGood idea to prioritize this trinket to healers missing [Direbrew Hops]memento
Shard of AzzinothBlack TempleIllidan StormrageMS > OSNon bis itemshardofazz
Crystal Spire of KaraborBlack TempleIllidan StormrageHoly PriResto ShaHoly PalResto Drucrystalspire
Zhar'doom, Greatstaff of the Devourer (speedrunning)Black TempleIllidan StormrageDestro, ArcaneShadowEleBalancezhardoom
Zhar'doom, Greatstaff of the Devourer (average guild)Black TempleIllidan StormrageBalance, Ele, Shadow, Destro, ArcanePlayer over class priozhardoom
Bulwark of AzzinothBlack TempleIllidan StormrageProtProt Warriorbulwarkofazzi
Black Bow of the BetrayerBlack TempleIllidan StormrageSurvivalBMblackbow
Chestguard of the Forgotten ConquerorBlack TempleIllidan StormrageProtShadowHoly PalHoly PriDestroConsider prio'ing warlocks that don't have vestments after Prot Pal. Holy Pal could have a stronger case to chest over priest due to priest swapping between t5/t6chestguardconq
Chestguard of the Forgotten ProtectorBlack TempleIllidan StormrageFuryBMSurvivalArmsEleRestoProt WarriorProt war takes dps chest herechestguardprot
Chestguard of the Forgotten VanquisherBlack TempleIllidan StormrageBearRogueCatBalanceResto DruMagechestguardofvanq
Warglaive of Azzinoth (MH/OH Set)Black TempleIllidan StormrageDPS Warrior, RoguePlayer over class. Speedrun guilds would prio warriors first (potentially run no rogue anyway)glaives
Nethervoid CloakBlack TempleTrashShadowDestronethervoidcloak
Shroud of the Final StandBlack TempleTrashHoly Pal, Resto Shashroudofthefinalstand
Boots of the Divine LightBlack TempleTrashHoly PriResto DruResto Shadivinelight
Treads of the Den MotherBlack TempleTrashBeartreads of the den mother
Chestguard of Relentless StormsBlack TempleTrashMS > OSchestguardof
Pillager's GauntletsBlack TempleTrashMS > OSpillagersgaunt
Girdle of the LightbearerBlack TempleTrashMS > OSgirdleofthelight
Choker of Serrated BladesBlack TempleTrashBMDPS WarriorEnhCat, Roguechokerofserrated
Hellfire-Encased PendantBlack TempleTrashMS > OShellfireencased
Band of DevastationBlack TempleTrashRetDPS Warrior, Enhbandofdev
Ring of Ancient KnowledgeBlack TempleTrashDestroShadowEleBalanceArcaneLet everyone get one before giving two to one person. Consider prioing the warlock that is lowest prio on ZD/TOC/Skull before othersringofancientknow
Hammer of JudgementBlack TempleTrashProtBalanceShadow, ElePotentially Balance over Shadow since they can actually use the hit somewhat.hammerofjudgement
Swiftsteel BludgeonBlack TempleTrashMS > OSGood option for Prot Wars until Blade of Savagery/Brutalizerswiftsteel
Illidari RuneshieldBlack TempleTrashProtEleillidarirune